Tear Shape Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Tear Drop Shape Salt Lamps

Experience the cheering, calming and refreshing impact of Himalayan pink natural salt in attractive Himalayan tear drop shape salt lamps

Drop salt lamp is one of the best, unique styled and trendy salt rock lamp available at our online shop.  As the name suggests, these are shaped like a tear drop (i.e. pointed from peak with a flat base). The shape of this lamp is very attractive and eye catching. Children specially love them; it gives exquisite appearance to small rooms.

They come with complete electrical cord and a small bulb along with a wooden base.

Natural Himalayan tear drop shape salt lamps for perfect natural life:

Himalayan salt is used to make this beautiful drop shaped salt lamp. Salt lamp is most required item these days due to natural health benefits and numerous advantages. For many years scientists and researchers are trying to discover the benefits of rock salt. This salt comprises of different minerals which have unique characteristics.

These salt lamps are created entirely from Himalayan salt and bulb or candle is put inside them which actually make it more beneficial. The salt that is used in these lamps is obtained from khewra mines of Pakistan. They are available in pinkish orangish color.

Why it is recommended to use them:

We are growing in a fast and technologically advanced   environment where there is tremendous use of electrical products. The electromagnetic waves produce by these electrical products and machines is very harmful for our health. They generate positive ions which are very destructive and harmful. Moreover dust and pollution present in our environment are also dangerous for our health.

The use of these lamps is a cheaper way to avoid or at least reduce the impact of these harmful effects. It helps to clean air around us by absorbing dust particles. The salt is natural absorbent and it absorbs dirt and dust around us.

They also generate negative ions to reduce the harmful and destructive impact of positive ions due to which they are also helpful to avoid many diseases like asthma or different sort of allergies.

Besides these useful benefits they also act as color therapist. Provides pinkish natural warm glow that is very relaxing and calm our mood.

So, it is highly recommended to use this product to decorate your house in a beneficial and healthy way.

Where to use them:

They can be place in living room, dining area, offices, saloons or message centers or to anyplace where you want to generate relaxing, comfortable and fresh environment. It helps in changing your mood quickly and overall atmosphere.

In offices it is better to put them near your PC to avoid its harmful electromagnetic rays.

They are very effective if place in message rooms or meditation centers because it develops soothing, calm and peaceful environment and also provides you fresh and clean air. It is also very effective if we put them in our consulting room or in hospitals or to the rooms of allergy patients.

They also reduce the concentration of microbes or dander of animals so it is very useful to place them in our houses if we have pet animals in order to reduce their micro organisms.

Signs that your tear drop salt lamp is not original:

Salt lamps are effective only if real rock salt is use to craft them. Since they are gaining popularity these days so, many people are trying to sell fake products as well. These are some sign to check if your salt lamp is real or not.

  • The salt lamp light is very low and soothing. It gives pinkish glow. If light of salt lamp is very bright then it could be fake
  • The original rock salt lamps are very delicate. If your lamp survives a collision or is not very delicate then most probably this is fake product.
  • Country of origin should be Pakistan.