Tea Light Salt Candle Holder

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Himalayan Tealight Salt Candle Holder

Himalayan Teas light are tiny candles that are enclosed in a lean metal of different sizes and shapes and are usually broader then their height. Himalayan tealight salt candle holder is a round shape tea light candle holder that is made of Himalayan crystal salt. It is beautiful as well as beneficial in many ways.

The light produced by Round Tealight Candle Holder is not very bright. In fact, these were initially designed to warm tea by putting these inside the teapots. Himalayan Tealight Candle Holder comes in different shapes and colors and provide beautiful decoration to your home.

Himalayan Tealight Salt Candle Holder Benefits:

  • Just put a tea light into round shape candle holder and the heat and light produces from the candles helps to clean and maintain healthy environment and purifies your surroundings.
  • The heat produces from the candle passes to the natural crystal salt which in result discharge negative ions in the air.  The negative ions play vital roles to neutralize positive ions as positive ions are harmful for health and are source of many diseases like asthma. If candle burns in the salt candle holder for a longer period of time then more negative ions are produced resulting in purifying and cleaning the atmosphere from industrial pollutants, pet dander, allergens, toxins, dust, mites & smoke.

Positive ions are usually produces from electromagnetic waves of television or computers and other electrical appliances like cell phones.  So, it is better to place these salt rock candle holders near these appliances to reduce their negative effect.

  • It helps to fresh the air we breathe naturally. As rock salt is hygroscopic naturally and absorb dust and dirt from the atmosphere.
  • The beautiful and soothing light produced from these rock salt candle holders enhances mood and provide relaxation and comfort.


Basically, salt candle holders are not just a simple candle holder and besides providing beautiful décor, these are also beneficial for our environment. They can be placed in living rooms, therapy rooms and bedrooms as well for optimal health benefits etc.