Salt Bowl Lamp with Chunks

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Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp with Salt Chunks

Himalayan salt bowl lamp with salt chunks are naturally derived from the deepest cores of Himalayan mountains and are only obtained from Khewra salt Mines in Pakistan.

From several years, peoples are aware of the numerous health benefits of rock salt and its impact on the health and wellness of the atmosphere. For example, it has been suggested that Himalayan salt bowl lamps have anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can find salt lamps in different artistic and unique shapes to exert positive impact on our health. They provide us the feeling of freshness and their soothing colors create beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

Product description:

As the name indicates, Salt Bowl Lamp with Salt Chunks are shaped like a bowl and are filled with salt chunks. The beautiful work of art may enhance the beauty of your home, office and living spaces besides delivering health benefits. For your convenience, each Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp with Salt Chunks has a long electrical cord attached to it with an on and off switch and bulb. These beautiful and provide a beautiful pink or orange glow when lit. These lamps are suitable for lounge and living area and provide beautiful and healthy decoration to our home.

Himalayas bowl shape salt lamps are carved at home with the natural Himalayan pink salt and are very popular and famous these days. Because besides fulfilling the purpose of lamp they consist of many health benefits as well:

  • The crystal salt is hundreds of years old and consists of many different minerals with unique properties.
  • These natural salt chunks are effective ionizers. The heat that is produced from the light of bulb generates negative ions. These negative ions help to neutralize the impact of positive ions. Positive ions are very harmful for our health and they are the root cause of many diseases. So, this lamp plays a vital role in the cleaning of air we breathe by neutralizing the harmful impact of positive ions.
  • It’s a great source of color therapy. The pink or orange light produce by these lamps is very soothing and help us to relax our mood.

So, it is an awesome home decor product that cleans our atmosphere and brings other benefits as well.

How long does your rock salt bowl lamp would run?

The history of Himalayan rock salt crystals is as old as millions of years ago and would last for years to come. However, in order to increase the life of your lamp, make sure you don’t expose it to humid environment such as outdoors.

Where to buy:

If you want to purchase original Himalayan salt bowl lamp with salt chunks for your house or work place this page is a great source where you can find a wide variety of attractive bowl salt lamps