Pyramid Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Pyramid Salt Lamp

Himalayan pyramid salt lamp as the name indicates are pyramidal in shape to offer an elegant design as well as serves the air-purifying function. When you think of pyramidal shape, Egypt is the first thing that may come to your mind. It is imperative to mention that many historians and mathematicians have explained that pyramidal shape has mysterious powers as it contemplates the elements of magnetic field. Our ancient styled beautiful Himalayan pyramid shaped salt lamp merges these mystical characteristics along with the numerous health benefits of natural pink Himalayan salt crystals.  These elegant looking well-designed lamps provides an awesome and appealing look to your house and/or workplace.

Every pyramid shape rock salt lamp that we offer is handmade and carved into an ideal geometric shaped pyramid in order to tie together all the properties of these pyramids as well as maximize its health benefits. Every pyramid has a wooden base and an electrical cord is attached with small size of bulb to provide light to these lamps.

So, what exactly is the rock salt lamp?

Pyramid salt lamps are creative lamps that are prepared from natural pink salt and are obtained from Khewra salt mines in Pakistan.  The history of these rock salt lamps dates back to hundreds and thousands of years.

What do Himalayan pyramid salt lamp do?

There are many health benefits associated with these lamps. Some of these are as follows

  • Himalayan salt minerals once lit, gives beautiful shine and soothing warm glow that boosts the interior of your living place.
  • It keeps the air around you healthy and clean to purify your atmosphere.
  • Pink salt lamps help to avoid diseases like dust allergies or asthma by generating negative ions and minimizing the harmful effect of positive ions around us.
  • It helps in minimizing stress level due to its soothing and calming orange and pink light.


It is necessary to clean these lamps frequently because they absorb dirt and dust particles in order to clean the atmosphere. It is very easy to clean them. Just swab them with clean wet cloth and then dry with towel.

Is it safe to leave the Himalayan pyramid salt lamp on?

Our Himalayan salt products are perfectly safe and efficient to use. You can leave these on for as long as you like. Once you lite our rock salt lamps or candles, the crystals warm up and start the air-purifying functions. Since these lamps utilize low voltage bulbs, it will not put a bar on your electricity bill.