Natural Salt Lamps

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Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps

Himalayan natural salt lamps are made of mined salt crystals that have been excavated from the core of the earth and deep underground mines. When the light passes through the salt crystals, it transmits a Florissant light that may range in color from light pink to orange. Himalayan natural salt lamps provide a pleasant warm shine when lighten and are also believed to be favorable for better air quality and a lot of health benefits.

Himalayan glow salt lamps are prepared by hand- carving pure Himalayan salt crystals. These eye-catching crystal lamps are gaining popularity these days and besides providing beautiful decoration to homes and offices; there are many other health benefits associated with them.

Some of them are as follows

Himalayan salt lamp health benefits:

Cleaning the atmosphere:
Pure Himalayan natural salt lamps are a perfect source to keep and maintain the atmosphere clean and healthy. You can also use these crystal lamps for decorative purposes as well. As you may know that dirt and dust are trapped in air. Salt is a natural absorbent which tends to absorbs water molecules from air. The dust which is in the water vapor form can also get trapped into the salt lamps.  The heat formed through the light helps to dry the water vapors leaving behind dust particles entrapped in the salt lamps. That’s why it is very important to clean the salt lamps on periodic basis to sustain these health benefits.

Generate Negative Ion:

It has been observed that these lamps also generate negative ions which are good for the maintenance of overall health.  Negative ions drag positive ions from the air. It is noteworthy that positive ions are generated from air pollutants which are harmful for health and are also responsible for causing several diseases like asthma and allergy. So, negative ions reduce the effect of these positive ions before they exert any harmful impact on our health.

These negative ions also help in alleviating stress levels and increasing energy by improving oxygen levels in the brain. In fact, it is also believed that they act like antidepressants for people who are suffering from severe anxiety or depression.

The greater the size of lamp the higher will be the concentration of negative ions and greater will be the health benefits.

Color therapy:

Another effective benefit of using these salt lamps is color therapy. It is an ancient technique through which colors and lights are used to create a positive impact on the person mood. Himalaya pink salt lamps through its beautiful and soothing pink and orange light colors contributes to enhance the basal energy levels and mood of the individual.

Other Himalayan pink salt benefits include:

  • Making drinking water alkaline once added to the water or ingested in the crystal form
  • Restores and maintains the pH of your body
  • Replaces and replenishes the trace elements minerals in your body
  • Promotes the free flow of energy within your body by improving the metabolic activity

Do salt lamps work?

Although there hasn’t been any research, but several case studies indicate that regular use of Himalayan natural salt lamps can improves the rhythm and quality of your sleep as well

So, Himalaya’s salt lamps do not only improve the decoration of your home but also yields the health benefits. Not to forget, these can also be considered a good choice to give someone as a gift.