Globe Shape Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Sphere Salt Lamp

You cannot understand the true worth of Himalayan sphere salt lamp unless you own one. Rock salt lamps are natural and beautiful lamps that are not necessarily bought for their light; but more because they have the capacity to make your surrounding atmosphere fresh and healthy with their lovely embellishment.

Salt lamps are created from the dried remains of the natural primal salt carved from the mountain of Himalaya. Himalayan glow salt lamp creates an attractive element in any living place. These salt lamps are pinkish orange in color because this antique salt crystal comprises of high concentration of different minerals. The pink Himalayan salt is engraved in different shapes and sizes to form beautiful lamp by placing small bulb inside them that generate light and heat. This heat and light make them valuable for us because all benefits generate due to this heat.

Himalayan sphere shape salt lamp:

The Himalayan sphere salt lamp is carved in spherical shape to add beauty and elegance to your living space. If you are wondering what are spherical Himalayan salt lamps are good for?’ the answer is very simple.  The shape of the lamps plays a great role in enhancing the interior decoration of your houses, work place or wherever you place them.

It is imperative to mention that any Himalayan Sphere salt lamp is nothing without a source of heat; as heat generates the ionic activity and is usually supplied by a light bulb. The lamps we offer at our shop comes with a cord, which consist of an on and off switch to control the bulb.

How do Himalayan sphere salt lamp work?

Water vapors continuously move around in our atmosphere through the air. They bring dust particles, smoke, different kind of bacteria and other antigens with them. Salt is known for its hygroscopic nature due to which it attracts these water vapors from their surroundings. Along with water vapors dust particles also attracted towards globe shape salt lamp. Heat produce from the lamp dries these water vapors and dust remains stuck in the lamp. Due to which air we breathe become healthy and clean.

So, it is necessary to clean Himalayan globe shape salt lamp on frequent basis in order to clean the dust particles and allergens trapped in the lamp. It’s better to keep them on in a place where you spent most your time to enjoy clean and healthy environment.


  • Help to clean the air we breathe. And provide us fresh air.
  • Reduces allergies.
  • Generate negative ions which help in neutralizing the harmful impact of positive ions. Positive ion is a result of pollution in air they are harmful for our health and causes many diseases.
  • Release stress and Calms your mood.
  • Beautiful decoration and soothing ambiance.