Salt Lamps And Better Sleep

“I am so tired and worn out!”  is one of the most common phrase that you come across every day. Fatigue and sleep problems are reported equally by men and women of all age groups.  There are many physiological, social  and technological factors that are affecting sleep cycles. Use of electronic media devices such as television ,laptops, cell phones etc late at night  interfere with sleep. Dietary habits, lack of physical activity and use of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc also associated with sleep deficiency.

Do You Have Sleep Problems?

If you feel difficulty in sleeping, you wake up frequently during the night and face trouble falling asleep again  you wake up very early in the morning and when you wake up you feel tired and exhausted , then it is an alarming sign that you are facing a problem with your sleep. Observe yourself. If you keep on feeling sleepy during the day, feel tired, have problems with concentration, your memory is becoming poor and you are getting irritable, you need to think seriously for taking help for solving your sleep problems. A healthy person needs 7-8 hours of daily sleep. If you get less than recommended sleep the toll on the body is massive. Lack of sleep  increase stress hormone called cortisol in the body.

Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Both non-medical and medical treatments available for sleep problems. Medical treatment includes various prescription medicines as well as over-the-counter or non-prescription drugs. Some people prefer complimentary and alternate therapies for managing their sleep problems. Relaxation training including muscle relaxation, breathing exercises , meditation and techniques to alter behavior and habits related to sleep cycle are helpful. But most people  choose therapies like Tai Chi ,meditation, yoga, acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki, etc. But a more recent method that is becoming popular is “Halotherapy” or Salt Therapy. A more cheaper and sustainable practice for gaining full benefits of salt is by use of salt lamps.

How Modern Lifestyle Causes Sleep Problems

Positive ions cause an imbalance in our systems and raise stress and anxiety. Bacteria, molds and allergens all carry a positive charge and the positive ions are also constantly added to our surroundings by electronic devices like laptops, LCDs, microwaves, and other household gadgets.  Positive ions are considered to cause problems like hypersensitivity, stress and sleep problems or insomnia.

How Salt Lamps Help Sleep Problems

Nature creates negative ions to counter positive ions . The negative ions increase the oxygen supply to the brain thus creates alertness of mind and reduces lethargy and anxiety. Although nature is producing  negative ions but our modern lifestyle is producing a lot more positive ions than can be managed by nature. We need to supplement the negative ion production to help stay healthy, both physically and emotionally. This is very easily done by keeping salt lamps in our homes. The salt lamps work on the principle of hygroscopy. The bulb inside of the lamp heats the salt crystals. The mild heat of the lamp, evaporate the water and during the evaporation process the negative ions are formed to combat the positive ions by binding to them. The salt lamps liberate negative ions that help us relax and reduce sleep problems by creating a peaceful environment for sleep.