Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe For Kids?

Himalayan salt lamps are mesmerizing solid salt chunks or ornamental baskets packed with huge salt crystals that are recognized for several benefits ascribed to them. They are credited for purifying the indoor air along with illuminating the room with warm glow and generating and overall aura of calmness. The lamps are in the purest form, the salt pieces can even be grinded and consumed in food recipes.

How are these lamps linked with negative ions?

According to numerous qualified sources Himalayan salt lamps are natural generators of negative ions. Negative and positive ions both occur in nature. Children of the modern era are inclined towards indoor, technology driven activities. The electronic devices omit positive ions that result in problems including allergies, sleep disorders and stress. The negative ions radiated through the salt lamps cancels out the positive ions in the atmosphere and neutralize the air. Web-MD supports the presence of negative ions. Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of The Owners Manual for the Brain, stated that these excess ions boost the flow of oxygen to the brain, which in turn results in higher alertness, reduced drowsiness and additional mental energy. He added that they help shield against germs in the air which are causes of irritation due to inhaling various particles which may lead to coughing, sneezing and itchy throat. Negative ions give an instant refreshing feel to the person, vitalizing the mind.

Can these lamps be placed in the kid’s room?

The salt lamps are supposedly claimed to be an unsafe option to be kept in the room for kids as the outlet plug could overheat and ignite, with prevailing danger of shock and fire. However this allegation has to do with the faulty production and materials than the salt part. To prevent this it is advised to invest in a lamp with quality. They are also great night light lamps due to their color. Their soft, orange radiance assists in improved sleep patterns of children. These orange hues serve as color therapy which soothes the ambiance of the room which results in less cranky, lively kids.

If an environment of traditional candlelight is to be created in the children’s rooms without risking their safety of possible fire hazard, then the Himalayan salt lamps could be a risk-free option. The removal of EMR’s from the room  generate a positive vibe in the area and provide astonishing health benefits coupled with augmented serotonin levels. The lamp could also be of help with troubled skin conditions such as eczema, cradle cap and psoriasis. The warming of the salt lamp by the bulb draws moisture from the air clearing the air of humidity.